The idea is to open up our view, not to fixate on anything,
not to try to hold on to anything.

A.H Almaas


DEA workshop retreats


Retreat for the new group DEA7

Fri-20-October-2017 9:30 am - Sat-22-July-2017 17:00 pm
Chevalier Resource Centre
Chevalier Resource Centre
2 Roma Ave, Kensington NSW 2033, Australia

Topic: The Path from Ego to Essence

This group launched in June 2017 and DEA will continue to accept new registrations for DEA7 ongoing until the group closes.

Date/Time: From 9.30 am Friday 20 October to 5.00 pm Sunday 22 October.
PLUS an Orientation Session for students joining the group for the first time on 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm Thursday 19 October
Cost: $550
Location: Chevalier Resource Centre, 1 Roma Ave, Kensington in Sydney Australia

The Diamond Approach highlights how the individual consciousness can continue its natural development from the alienating experience of knowing ourselves as ‘little islands of personality’ to knowing ourselves as ‘living Beings fully connected to life and presence.’ In this 3 day retreat we will continue our exploration of what blocks that natural development and how we can help ourselves open to our potential. This weekend is open to all interested in exploring the potential for more freedom in their consciousness.